29 January 2012

Very, Merry and Romantic

Kudos for the most lovely Robyn Witt for that title. 

I love blogging. 

Unfortunately school takes away from the blogging ability. 

Therefore, I end up behind on awesome events of my life, and I realize that my posts will end up being longer, and then a start to put off blogging, because I know it will take even more time, and bladdy bladdy bla, I end up procrastinating a week. 

So I think I'll scootch back a week, and start with this lovely little trip I took up the mountain. 

Living in a valley, it is only a 15 minute walk up the hill side onto the bench. I love it when I pass the point of the last houses and I look around a say, "Hi nature! I've missed you!"

Fast forwarding a few days, I had the opportunity to go to the LDS Seminary Centennial Broadcast in person! (Here is a little about what Seminary is.)

It was very awesome. (To say the least).

Wooooaaaaa, after uploading those last two photos, I just realized I have tons more photos to show you guys. I guess I'll be writing less, and showing more.

Ah hem. My car gets salty here. And I mean SALTY. I can barley see out my window 3 days after I wash it.

I got a nephew! Nikolai Talmage Stricklan was born this past week, and he is the beeessstttt.

I bought my self a blue v-neck and a white belt from H&M! And I love them very much.

On Friday, my school had our Ragnirof assembly. It is essentially a battle of the grades. Literally. This photo is of sleeping bag wrestling. It got pretty crazy in there. 

That night, we decided to hang out at Andrea's house and watch Despicable me! Haha, it was great, and a blast. After the movie, we played Just Dance 3. Oh mah gosh, that was tons of fun.

Then, me and some of my friends went down to The Gateway mall last night to go to watch Beauty and the beast 3D. It was AWESOME! Although, I am never letting Shaylin be my navigator again. (Note to self, finding parking on the same night of the Jazz game might be difficult).

We ended up parking way down by the UTA station, and just taking the Trax closer to downtown. 
Because it was later in the evening, sometimes we got our own car on the train, and we did silly things like standing on one foot as the train sped up and slowed down.

After the movie, we decided that we still had time so heck, why not go to Temple square! 
Although, by time we got there the square was already closed, but it was fun to walk around the outside of it. Even if it was in the mid 20's and I was wearing a short sleeve v-neck and a scarf.

And finally, I have the cutest nephew ever. I love him sooooo much! 

I kinda wanted to get you guys an idea what he looks like when he is all hyper. Most the time he just sleeps, so when he is awake, I oogle over him so much. 

15 January 2012

I post far too much about my Tortoise

Therefore, I shall be starting this post off by talking about my Stake Conference! 

For starters, I'll need to explain some Latter-Day Saint terminology so that you can understand what the heck I am talking about.

So In my church, congregations of members are called Wards

Wards typical cover a single community. In Forsyth county, the ward I was in covered Clemmons and Lewisville. Two different wards covered the City of Winston-Salem. 

A group of about 9 to 11 of these wards form a Stake. This term comes from the idea that the Church of God could be compared to a tent (Like the Tabernacle of the Old Testament) and a stake is used to hold up a tent. 

Any way, usually once or twice a year, all the members of a Stake come together, and have a conference meeting instead of a normal Sunday meeting. Typically we listen to the President of our stake and a few other people speak to us and we get to listen to the Stake choir. It's pretty awesome, especially seeing that many members of my church all in one place.

(This is a Ward meeting, not a Stake meeting) 

In Utah, wards are much, much more compact, usually the size of a small neighborhood. A stake is also relatively small, and the city I am in, Centerville has 4 stakes. (For comparison, Centerville is about the size of Clemmons).

Originally, my stake conference was scheduled for December 1st, but due to this massive wind storm, it was canceled. Instead of going to church that Sunday, all the members of our wards went out to help clean the debris, trees and shingles that were covering everything.


After that Sunday, we were told that our stake conference had been rescheduled for January, and that a Member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would be there.

To Simplify things, this is the organization of my Church,

The Quorum of the 12 Apostles do the same function that they did in Christ's day, that being Special Witnesses of Christ. Today Elder L. Tom Perry came to my stake conference to speak to us.

It was a pretty amazing experience. He emphasized three areas that we should work on in our lives, they being Economic, Education, and Spiritual. I took a good two pages of notes, and I really enjoyed the experience.

So finally to match with the Title of my blog,


Also of interest, 
Because in Utah there are 17 million stakes, and there isn't a Sunday that doesn't have a stake conference planed for it, they church owns several large meeting places,  as the meeting places for stakes. In Davis County, the large meeting place is the Bountiful Regional Center.


It is one giant circle. Oh, yea. 
Even cooler than that, is the church meeting place of Weber County, The Ogden Tabernacle.

Ok, I've had my fun. Go do beautiful things my beautiful people!

13 January 2012

Classy Comes in Three Forms

I think I have finally realized a truth about myself,

I like to dress classy. 

And I don't just mean that in the way, 'Oh I really enjoy wearing classy stuff' or whatever.

I mean, I kinda really don't like just wearing a tee shirt and jeans. I kinda might be addicted to wearing collared shirts and ties. Plus sweaters. Just classy.

In other news, house shopping seems to take up much of my days off. I do love spending my time with my mom driving all over the wasatch.

However, after we are done with the list of snazzy houses we have spotted on Zillow, we usually head over to some nicer neighborhoods higher up the mountains.

As to why someone needs a 4 car garage, rv parking, and 2.3 million gables, is beyond me. And in Centerville, Utah of all places.

(Maybe I'm just bitter because this is not my number one city of choice.)

In other, other news, my inspiration for buildings, and Temples in particular has grown seeing all the new LDS chapels on ever street corner.

This is actually one of my favorite LDS chapels I have seen in a long time! I've been kinda drowning here with 70's and modern LDS Chapels, and little outside influence, but I really like how this one is built. It eventually lead to the inspiration of this Temple design,

So ta ta for now, and as this day here is ending, I'd like to give you just a little ta ta from a Utahan sun set.

10 January 2012

My Opinion on Gay Rights

The following text is conclusive of my thoughts and opinions only. It is independent of the opinions of my Church, family and friend's views.

I'll go ahead and tell you, I am writing this post in response to an excessive amount of 'gay bashing' that happens in my high school. It has brought me to a point that I simply find offensive.

I support Gay rights. Despite the popular view of the vast majority of my faith, I believe that gay couples have the right to be together. I believe this for a couple of reasons,

1. I have been given the right to my own beliefs.

Under the law, every man, woman and child has the choice, or agency to decided their own belief systems.
I have been raised, and made my own choice to be a Mormon, or a Latter-Day Saint. Under the law, I am allowed to believe that a 14 year old boy was visited by an angel in the woods of New York who taught him and told him the location of a set of golden plates that contained the record of a pre-Indian civilization who migrated from Jerusalem 600 years before the birth of Christ. After much consideration and pondering using my own manner of praying, I have found this to be true. In my belief system, in the grand scheme of things, this is correct belief. 

I am allowed to believe this under our nation's laws. 

2. Not everyone shares my beliefs.

It is a fact, there are 14 Million members of my faith currently in the world. It is also a fact that there are 6.826 Billion other people who do not share my faith. Among those are people who believe that God's voice was given manifest through a prophet, Muhammad, or that  the true church is lead by the Pope in Rome. Others believe that a high power exists in the world around us, and that its power is real. Other people believe  that their is no God, or simply believe in natural selection and chance. 

Under the law, each and every single one of these people have the right to believe as they choose. 

3. Marriage is based on one's Beliefs.

For a large portion of America's Christian population a ceremony held in a church under the authority of a Minister, Pastor, or Priest and deemed correct under their Church doctrine is, in their eyes, a true marriage. For our Muslim population, when a couple signs a Nikkah Nama, and the woman is either Muslim or a woman from the People of the Book, their marriage is valid. For me and member of my faith, when both the man and the wife are in good standing, and the marriage takes place under the authority of the same Priesthood power given to Joseph Smith, and takes place across an altar in a Holy Temple, their marriage is true and valid. For people without a faith or their own beliefs, a marriage granted by our nation's laws is true and valid. 

Under the law, I am allowed to believe that marriage is only valid under certain settings and conditions.

4. Under the law, everyone has the right to their own version of marriage. 

Well, in theory. 

This is the part that is not true. While I am allowed to be married in a ceremony reserved for people who are faithful in my religion that is not published to the general world, other people are not given the right to marry another consenting human being in their own system of beliefs. 

To me, this is the single reason I believe that gay couples have their own rights to marriage. Under the law, I don't understand why my belief of marriage is between a man and a woman is legally accepted, and over rules the belief of someone else who understands marriage to between two consenting human beings.

Let me briefly reaffirm my own beliefs. 

I do not believe that marriage between two members of the same gender is correct. In my understanding of my faith, God has set forth the principle of holy matrimony to be between a worthy man and woman under the authority of His power. For me and the members of my faith, this is the single truth regarding marriage. 

But for the same reason that I am allowed to marry in a LDS Temple, I believe that Gay couples have the legal right to have their own marriage. I am a minority due to my beliefs in the country, as are members of the LGBT community. Despite this, the government allows me to practice marriage as a choose. So why does the latter minority not also have the right?

Don't get me wrong, this is not a change that could be brought about immediately. 

The current Federal government has the idea that because in some states the right of gay marriage has already been extended the rights for them to have children needs to be extended as well, through adoption. Again, this does not fit into my own faith, but then again my faith does not over ride their beliefs. However, because of this the government is requiring all adoption agencies, religiously affiliated or not, to give to these adoptions. Likewise, churches that deny a wedding ceremony to these couples are also being targeted. 

Obviously, this is wrong. Each faith has the right to give marriages to people who qualify under their doctrine. Adoption agencies should be able to give children to people who qualify under their ideals. 

This is a change that I know must be addressed before Gay marriage is to be extend. 

However, I remain adamant in my understanding of the law, that because as a minority I have been given the right to my own type of marriage, all Americans have the right to have marriage under their own beliefs, not to be over ridden by the beliefs of another.  

07 January 2012

What I Think is Funny

Tooooortoise Buuuuuutt..... Teeeee heeeee heeeee

Breathe in, Breathe out.


Sir Martin Frank Lloyd Bartholomew the Great knows what he is doing.

In the light of Art Deco

Title: (optional)

In lieu of thinking of an appropriate title, I thought a facebookian picture is in order. 

This Christmas season,

Think not without reason,

But be jolly and Merry,

Though not not a strawberry. 

Even though strawberry ice cream is the best.

I Refuse. [Temple backgrounds are the best]

And so are those girls from Carolina and Delaware.

Dear Utahns,

Back down South,

Giving hugs,

was like saying 'Hello'.

A friendly Embrace,

equaled a 'Good Morning'.

Another quick hug,

meant 'I'll see ya later'.

I do not find this whole, 'no contact' thing respectful or polite in the least bit.

I find it cold and separated. I miss giving hugs to friends, guys and girls alike. I miss feeling like siblings, like real friends. 

I need a Utah friend who gives hugs like a normal person. 

Bleh, they just don't get it.