13 January 2012

Classy Comes in Three Forms

I think I have finally realized a truth about myself,

I like to dress classy. 

And I don't just mean that in the way, 'Oh I really enjoy wearing classy stuff' or whatever.

I mean, I kinda really don't like just wearing a tee shirt and jeans. I kinda might be addicted to wearing collared shirts and ties. Plus sweaters. Just classy.

In other news, house shopping seems to take up much of my days off. I do love spending my time with my mom driving all over the wasatch.

However, after we are done with the list of snazzy houses we have spotted on Zillow, we usually head over to some nicer neighborhoods higher up the mountains.

As to why someone needs a 4 car garage, rv parking, and 2.3 million gables, is beyond me. And in Centerville, Utah of all places.

(Maybe I'm just bitter because this is not my number one city of choice.)

In other, other news, my inspiration for buildings, and Temples in particular has grown seeing all the new LDS chapels on ever street corner.

This is actually one of my favorite LDS chapels I have seen in a long time! I've been kinda drowning here with 70's and modern LDS Chapels, and little outside influence, but I really like how this one is built. It eventually lead to the inspiration of this Temple design,

So ta ta for now, and as this day here is ending, I'd like to give you just a little ta ta from a Utahan sun set.

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  1. is that ONE HOUSE?! I thought it was a row of houses til I looked closer. WOW.