07 January 2012

I am just one voice, but one voice can carry far

I haven't been homesick in a good while now.

At least several weeks. 

I've been doing well here to say the least. There isn't much from North Carolina that I simply can't live with out.

Yea, I miss lots of things, and I'm sure you could count the innumerable instances in any of my other blog posts. 

One thing That I have been missing like crazy is the simple mentality of the LDS youth here.

I had a good talk with a friend of mine here who is not LDS. She thanked me so much for not discriminating against her, as she had been her entire life. She said she hadn't realized that I was LDS until I mentioned going to the Temple. Normally people make it all too apparent that they are LDS and that she is not. We had lots of fun talking about the Conservative mentality of people here, and how un-diverse it is.

And by chance tonight, I stumbled across an old video from youth conference. 

It is so strange to think that earlier this year, that was the most LDS youth I had ever seen in one place. Now my high school has more than 600 people more than attended that conference, and it covers more stakes in its boundaries. And almost all of them are LDS.

Back at youth conference, we came from all over the Carolinas. At one point in the conference, while we were all in the auditorium, the presiding man asked us to raise our hands if there were 5 or more LDS youth at our school. About a third raised their hands. Then he asked if there were 3 or less. A little more than a third. If you were the only member in your high school. The remaining third of youth raised their hands. 

What a difference today. I miss the feeling that I was one. I miss being an example and a missionary to my friends. I miss early morning seminary, and the daily grind it took in my life to keep at it, knowing that only a hand full of my peers were at it too.

I really love the youth in Carolina, and I miss them so.

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