07 January 2012

I am the type of person who makes friends with people who like to write on boxes.

On the Top: A Carolinian Friend-box.

On the Bottom: A Utahn Friend-box. 

When I was allowed to take it home, the huge dejavu hit me that I had done this before, in another time, in another state. 

Awesome. These people are awesome.


I am going to get married here:

It is the Philadelphia Temple

And of slightly less importance, I drew a picture of me getting married there in my Journal!

Sorry for the splatter of photos, but I really want to give a visual insight into my life.

Look, I got a haircut!!!!

Look at what is in Walmart, here in OOH-Tah! 

Unrelated to this next photo, but my new Ward covers a total of 6 1/2 streets. That is it. Wowzas.

Look what is on the side of the road in Bountiful! 

I got to skype some of my friends in Sweet Carolina the other night!

Blurry evidence I do, in fact have social connections here in OOH-Tah!

Behold, the only water fountain in my school that does not make me gag.

The very fact that I took this photo in orchestra, whilst behind the Violins shows some poor planning on the part of our conductor. 

Ta da!!!!

Hope you survived the photo rampage, as I have been sitting here for a small eternity waiting for these photos to upload.

Thank you for being beautiful people!



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