15 January 2012

I post far too much about my Tortoise

Therefore, I shall be starting this post off by talking about my Stake Conference! 

For starters, I'll need to explain some Latter-Day Saint terminology so that you can understand what the heck I am talking about.

So In my church, congregations of members are called Wards

Wards typical cover a single community. In Forsyth county, the ward I was in covered Clemmons and Lewisville. Two different wards covered the City of Winston-Salem. 

A group of about 9 to 11 of these wards form a Stake. This term comes from the idea that the Church of God could be compared to a tent (Like the Tabernacle of the Old Testament) and a stake is used to hold up a tent. 

Any way, usually once or twice a year, all the members of a Stake come together, and have a conference meeting instead of a normal Sunday meeting. Typically we listen to the President of our stake and a few other people speak to us and we get to listen to the Stake choir. It's pretty awesome, especially seeing that many members of my church all in one place.

(This is a Ward meeting, not a Stake meeting) 

In Utah, wards are much, much more compact, usually the size of a small neighborhood. A stake is also relatively small, and the city I am in, Centerville has 4 stakes. (For comparison, Centerville is about the size of Clemmons).

Originally, my stake conference was scheduled for December 1st, but due to this massive wind storm, it was canceled. Instead of going to church that Sunday, all the members of our wards went out to help clean the debris, trees and shingles that were covering everything.


After that Sunday, we were told that our stake conference had been rescheduled for January, and that a Member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would be there.

To Simplify things, this is the organization of my Church,

The Quorum of the 12 Apostles do the same function that they did in Christ's day, that being Special Witnesses of Christ. Today Elder L. Tom Perry came to my stake conference to speak to us.

It was a pretty amazing experience. He emphasized three areas that we should work on in our lives, they being Economic, Education, and Spiritual. I took a good two pages of notes, and I really enjoyed the experience.

So finally to match with the Title of my blog,


Also of interest, 
Because in Utah there are 17 million stakes, and there isn't a Sunday that doesn't have a stake conference planed for it, they church owns several large meeting places,  as the meeting places for stakes. In Davis County, the large meeting place is the Bountiful Regional Center.


It is one giant circle. Oh, yea. 
Even cooler than that, is the church meeting place of Weber County, The Ogden Tabernacle.

Ok, I've had my fun. Go do beautiful things my beautiful people!

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