07 January 2012

No need to say goodbye...

As you can imagine, I'm going through a lot of emotion recently. A lot. 

It is really overwhelming.

Here is a summation of the future of my life:

-On Sunday the 21st, I will be flying out to Utah at 8:15 in the morning.
-We will stay a week in a hotel whilst my dad starts his new job, my mom searches for a home, and I (hopefully) will start my new high school.
-On that Friday the 26th, my parents will be flying back to North Carolina, while I stay with some family friends and (again, hopefully) continue going to school. 
-On the 1st or 2nd of the next month, my Mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and uncle will drive cross country, bring themselves and our stuff to our new Utahian abode.

I'm really scared. And there is no other way around saying that.


My friends threw me a surprise party! 

(Of the Cheerwine Variety) bigsmilebigsmilebigsmilebigsmile

Holy poop, I was so surprised. I was totally not expecting that. 

Unfortunately, I don't have the photos, and the originals are not online yet. However, I can promise that when I do have the photos, you will see them here.

But again, I am sad. Sad does not do it justice. 

I feel depressed. 

However, I know this is not it.

Life goes on.

So much awaits. 

What I really like are the words of Regina Spektor,

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