07 January 2012

Partying like a bunch of Mormons on a Friday Night

This is how we get our swag on. 

You see, it was really cold and wet last night, and none of us were particularly in the mood to go to the football game, so this became our compromise. 

For the record, I already had two hotels and I was making my way to getting up to 4 houses on 3 of my other properties when Jacob came over and blew all our money around. I was pretty much already winning.

I think I am becoming a viking. 

I go to a pretty cool school, and they have lots of school pride. (Just not as much as West did) But they certainly do know how to deck the place out. 

So all that is awesome.

You wanna know what is not awesome?

Snow. There is snow here.

By 'here' mean on the mountains. 

Offensive I say, simply offensive. How dare snow come before January.

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