07 January 2012

So... I lied

I kinda feel bad today. 

But don't worry, it is because I feel so awesome today that I feel bad.

You see, lately I have been kinda hating on Utah, and how awful I thought it was compared to North Carolina. 

And to be honest, there are a lot of things that I love about North Carolina that Utah just doesn't have. 

Nevertheless, there are a few things that I simply have to show appreciation for, that are unique to Utah.

This morning, at about 6 A.M. me and two girls that I have befriended at school went to to the Temple today to do Baptisms for the Dead. If you are not familiar with what baptisms for the dead are, that is a good article to help you to understand. 

So early before school, we simply walked into the Temple, got changed and joined the throngs of other youth that were there that morning. It was really cool to see so many youth dressed in white, gathering in the Temple. I even saw a girl that was in my orchestra class there! And I also met a nice guy from up in Farmington who also had a snazy vest. 

To say the least, it was wonderful. 

This is the next thing that I really enjoy about Utah:

I think that it is so cool that so many youth want to get together during the day to study the gospel. I had previously thought that it was expected of most Utah youth to take Seminary during the day, but it really isn't. I don't think half the school takes it, so being with other youth that really want to is great.

Plus, I get to meet cool people in it. There is another east coast girl from NY who just moved here too, and together we share stories of how much we miss trees and hills. 

I guess Utah isn't so bad after all.

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