07 January 2012

Welcome to Viewmont!

So this is my new High School! 

It is Viewmont High School, a 10th through 12th grade school located in Bountiful, Utah.

It is also a All-in-one, two story building. I have to tell you, coming from my 13 building Campus back in North Carolina, this was a huge shock. The vast majority of halls all look the same with no windows. And on top of that, a good portion of the class rooms don't have windows.

Did I mention that my High School has no air-conditioning?

It has no air-conditioning.

And every one complains about it. 
I don't seem to mind it at all.

(Thank you Carolina Humidity)

Aside from being temperature deficient, my school is a liiiittle old.

It has holes in all the ceilings, all over the entire school. 
A tad different from the completely renovated West campus that I came from.

However, this school has a much better central gathering area.

Behold, the Commons!!!

And now, behold the Commons, full of people!

Also, the cafeteria is just an extension of the commons. And it is a 1/3 of the size of West's Cafeteria. 

The funny thing is, they only have one lunch here, and 1700 students. A good portion of the kids go out to a local restaurant to eat lunch. 


So technically, there is one other building on campus, er, adjacent to campus. 

It is the Seminary building!

It is not owned by the school, rather it is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

It is where we have our religion classes! Pretty Snazy.


We also have something here that West could never have. 

Viewmont has a Giant, three story tall V on the side of the mountain.

One more little notice:

Maybe Utah doesn't look that bad after all. 

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