02 May 2012

I Wasn't Planning on Doing Homework Any Way

My goodness I haven't blogged in a while! I hate the knowledge that I am procrastinating a post, especially one such as tonight's. I promise to not let 2 weeks go by again. 

Although, I must say, with AP tests around the corner, Prom and the SAT on Saturday, I could say that it is justified. 

Onto the interesting news of my life. 

Two Tuesday's ago my debate team and I had the chance to participate in a model United Nations conference on the campus of the University of Utah. It was Viewmont's first time, consequently we did not do fantastic. However, for being a first go at it, we most certainly did not do bad.

On that same day, I received a rather curious call from my mom....

Previously, I had attended a seminary assembly, which for all they who live outside the bubble is where the three or four seminary classes who meet during your period get together to have a guest speaker or something of that nature. When we had a seminary assembly, we had a brother who worked for the church as essentially a Temple location Realtor. He along with three other men and the Prophet select sites where Temples are to be built. 

After class, my seminary teacher (who happened to know that I love architecture) introduced me to this brother. We talked for a while, and talked about LDS Temples, architecture and careers. He then asked for my name, and I went on my merry way to APUSH. Lo and behold, after the Model UN confrence was over, I got a call form my mom saying that a man had called me and asked for me to return the call. When I returned the call he invited me to come down to Temple Square on Friday, and to tour the Church architecture department and to meet with one of the 5 Temple architects. 

That Friday after school, I boarded the Frontrunner south to Salt lake, and transferred onto the Trax to Temple Square. (By the way, you should take the Frontrunner if you live in Salt Lake, Davis or Weber county!) Dressed in a suit and tie, I walked down the streets of downtown into Temple square. I made my way up to the 10th floor of the Church office building and had the experience that I had most literally only dreamed about. 

The architect I met with has designed some notable LDS Temples, including the Rexburg Temple, the Philadelphia Temple, the Vancouver Temple, the Phoenix Temple, the Sapporo Temple, the Kansas City Temple and the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. I was able to view several other Temple renderings and floor plans for buildings that have not yet been released. I was also able to view floor plans for current Temples and for ones under construction. 

 I can't even describe how amazing it was to meet with a man who literally had my dream job. I was privileged to learn more about Temple architecture than most LDS members. What was really amazing was that after viewing and learning so much of these Temples, I had the chance to share what I had designed with an actual Architect. It honestly surprised me that despite my age and never having been through a dedicated Temple, how accurate my designs were. It never occurred to me that what I was drawing on paper could actually be accurate to such a degree as real Temples are. 

On to my final meandering of the evening. Now that our house in NC has sold, we are officially official in house hunting. We are preparing to make offers when we find a house that really pleases us. And I think we are getting closer. One of our number one choices is just north of our current rental house, and in relative proximity to a park. Heaven knows if we will ever get to live there, but with that beautiful window in the living room, I would certainly hope so. 

My dear beloveds, I think I am read to go to sleep now. I love you all very much, and wish you the best happiness on your daily endeavors! Good night!

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