06 June 2012

Drawing a Blank

Fun evenings should always involve Cake balls. That never even get cooked. 

And they should involve laying on stone floors, because the rest of the house is simply too hot.

I am moving! Next Saturday. Into a new house with fantastic windows. 

School is over! The last day was this past Thursday ending with our 'looking back' assembly and year book signing. This was an incredible experience, as it really brought finality to my first year in Utah. I thought back to the first day, where I literally knew no one. And on the last day of school, having the opportunity to have tons of friends sign my yearbook. 

Not going to lie, having school over is such a strange feeling. I honestly cannot remember what  I did with my summers in Carolina, and with a good portion of my friends this year being seniors, I have a feeling that preparing for next year will be different. 

Now that the school year is in fact over, I have given myself permission to start my count down to Carolina! T-minus 34 days in counting! I am so exited to go back. I really do miss the east coast.

And as a final thought, I am now caught up on The Legend of Korra! The most recent episode was so incredibly intense. Presently, I am re watching the final episode of The Last Air Bender so that I can better recall the final situation the world was in before Korra started. 

Well, toodles for now and I'll blog some more later. 


  1. You are my brother and you are awesome. I love you lots. Legend of Korra is so awesome.

  2. I knew from the beginning that you'd have no trouble making friends in your new surroundings. Congratulations on finishing your first school year in Utah, and congrats on the new house - that window looks amazing! And I'm counting down the days, too! I can't wait to see you! :)