22 September 2012

Inexplicable Satisfaction Found in Brevity

This really has been a nice start to my Senior year. I have to say that it is such a different feeling being a senior. For the first time, I really don't have to worry about being socially below someone simply due to age. Especially after working to find my niche last year, this year I got to skip all that awkward working my way into established friend groups. I'm learning to love the journey a bit more, and be myself more honestly.

In terms of life news outside of my self contemplation bubble, this week was homecoming week for Viewmont. Today was our homecoming game, and our Homecoming parade. The debate team put together a float, and we harassed the innocent children by bludgeoning them with candy on the streets of 400 West.

And for the actual inspiration of this post and it's title...

It happened tonight at the end of the football game, as everyone was heading down from the stands towards the stadium exit. I ran into a guy I sort of knew, but wasn't friends with.
He told me that he had heard something about me from another girl.
I told him that it was true.
His response was, "Well that's awesome. That made my night".

There are good people out there, and I'm very much blessed to say that I know several of them.

I love each and everyone of you.

And I hope you can say something similar.

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