12 November 2012

Life is more interesting when Lofted

This is the creating of my today. 

I'm rather ashamed of myself, I've rarely let such a long period of time go in between blog post.

Blah blah blah, personal disappointment, blah blah blah, I'll do better, blah blah.

Presently, I'm in my Intro to Engineering class, and I'm just having a blast and a half. But not really, because it actually takes a lot of trial and error, and even more patience. 

Tad and I!

Recently, I've noticed how much older I am not only beginning to look, but also how much older I am beginning to feel.

Who would have though that the boy below would be the boy I am today. I'm rather happy so far with how I am turning out, I must admit. 

That is me approximately several years ago.

Also of notice, this has been an exhausting few weeks. After two debate tournaments, I feel very satisfied with my ability this senior year, and I am super happy to have Kim as my Public Forum partner. At the Portia Douglas tournament, we came in 3rd place for open Public forum out of 17 teams, and at this past week's Speech Arts tournament, we placed 9th in Junior Varsity Public Forum out of 20 some teams. Kim is a Sophomore, and I am a second year debater, and I think we are doing quite well for our experience level. (I think I get a trophy or something for being in the top quarter at this last tournament.)


Ogden High School, the school hosting Portia Douglas

I best be getting back to work.

Ta ta for now!

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