18 December 2012

Highlights of A Lifetime

It's been my philosophy to use this blog as more than just a day planner in retrospect. I think in previous posts, I have called my blog a sort of Online Journal. And I think that this is what best describes my blog. Being a journal, it has a two fold purpose: Firstly to keep record of significant events and observations in my life, and secondly, but infinitely more important is to show how these events and observations shape me as a person. 

I'm clearly not the 14 year old boy who sat down on July 2nd, 2009 to make a blog that might entertain himself over the summer. And for reference, here is that first post: 

Take a moment to read over it, if you could. 

I've come quite a ways since then.

So where am I today? 

Well, for starters I'm in snowy Utah. However with the looks of the forecast, it doesn't seem too snowy. All the stuff that manages to come down melts pretty quickly. Even for one who hates snow and cold, I am ready for there to be a nice blanket of white on the grown. 

Consequently, when you are driving home after spending a lovely evening with a new companion, distinctly visible landmarks become less visible in heavy show fall. This is the Bountiful Temple at a very close distance. While this edifice is normally seen from nearly every part of the county, on this particular evening it could hardly been seen even this close.

Apparently, debaters have the tendency to write in foreign languages upon their arms during class.
Allison has written on her arm, "حَبيبي" which in Arabic literally means "My beloved". It is a casual form of endearment used from children, to spouses and employers. On my arm I have writtern, "Esse Quam Videri" which is Latin for "To be rather than to seem".

My inspiration has returned! I'm not sure what it was about the past month or so, but I've been dead when it comes to thinking up new designs for buildings. But luckily I've got back in my designing streak, and I'm at it again.

These are my AP Stats notes. Take note at the amount of public transit and Arabian-inspired buildings.

I really, really do love each and every one of you.


  1. I find it interesting that you're side photo on that first blog was of the Salt Lake City temple and now you live only a few miles from it.

  2. i love you:) and that building on your stats notes is GORJ.