27 January 2013

Columbia in January

Because I am on my school's debate team, I am having the wonderful opportunity to go to New York City to compete in the Columbia University High School Debate Tournament. This is one of the largest and by far the most prestigious tournaments I've been to. Names of school attending this tournament include Bronx Science, Styuveseant, Lexington, and Walt Whitman. I'd recommend going to some of their wikipedia pages to get an idea of the type of schools they are.
Aside from learning tons and tons from these high-end east coast teams, I've learned so much that I love New York City. I can't help but constantly imagining myself living here. I am so comfortable walking the streets, living among the buildings, riding the subway and spending my time in the lights of the street signs. I love the energy and the life and after spending a few days in the city, even taking a trip out to the east river to the UN feels a tiny bit uncomfortable being in such an open space.
I love the culture and the life.
The vast amounts of languages I get to hear on a daily basis remind me how large our world is. Going to the UN reminded me that there are so many among our human race sincerely working towards making our world a better place. The ingenuity and sheer endeavor New Yorkers display on daily basis to make their way through life is inspiring. Kids at Columbia University remind how valuable an education in the big picture is and what people are willing to do to pursue that education. And somehow being surrounded by millions of people from all aspects of life make me more sure than almost any point in my life before that I believe in God. Be known by Allah or Elohim, I believe in his existence.
There is a rather cliché  statement that says in order to be able to appreciate other people, you must not only look to see the good in others, but you must look for the God in others. Les Miserables put it so poetically, "to love another person is to see the face of God". Hindus believe that God in all his complexity can only begin to be understood through look at his many different faces in lesser deities.
Being in New York surround by so many fellow member of the human race is an immersive experience into understanding the nature of man, and inevitably the nature of something that we all might stem from. And I can't help but feel so strongly that that thing that I'm just beginning to recognise in these people is God, or rather their Godly nature and potential.
Every time I step out on to the side walks of Broadway or the platform of the Subway, I get a glimpse this. And for the life of me I don't want this experience to stop. I want nothing more than to be able to live this experience daily, constantly experiencing this renewed energy and passion for life.
I love New York City. Of all the cliché statements I want to say, I want to say this more than all. I love New York and I love the east, and I don't want to leave. Or rather, I'm very much ok with leaving, however I could never keep myself from coming back.

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