19 January 2013

Getting Lost

Below is my the final essay I wrote for my Application to the University of Virginia. I contemplated sharing this essay with you guys while sitting in the sky bridge above main street in downtown Salt Lake City this evening. Aerielle and I were discussing what we loved about the city, and inevitably my mind drifted to this essay I had written. The topics was, "Describe your favorite place to get lost", in 250 words.

Until the summer of 2011, I would have been able to say with utmost confidence that my favorite place to get lost would have been the 1,100 acres of Tanglewood Park. From the shores of the Yadkin river, the little Chapel built in 1802 with the organ in the balcony, the lakes and the public pool to the grand manor house, it was my favorite place to lose track of time and location. When my family made the decision to relocate that summer, I took one last opportunity to say goodbye to the oaks and the brooks.

However, I am a different person now. I’ve come to better understand myself, and consequently I have indulged myself in new interests. I am no longer the creature of seclusion that I used to be. As much as I wish I could say that my most beloved places are still the woods of that park, If I am to be honest with myself, my favorite place to get lost are the streets of downtown Salt Lake City.

These two seemingly opposites continue my affinity towards life, albeit different varieties. The ever vibrant air, the constant energy emanating from new peoples each are part of the mosaic of the city. We are connected in transit and in interest; together we give the cold concrete streets and marble facades being. I find myself drawn there, wanting to be part of something larger.

In the years to come, I am curious to see where my favorite place to get lost will be, hopefully in the Old Dominion.

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