01 January 2013

New Years EVE

It was the perfect end to a fantastic year.

This year more than any other was full of firsts.
And if you haven't gotten that, you probably haven't been reading my blog.

The other night Aereille and I were sitting on the couch at her parents house, thinking over life and our plans for New Years Eve. We decided on attending EVE, a party in downtown Salt Lake City to spend the last few hours of 2012.

And as the end of the year comes, as is for most people we began to think back on all the things we had done. For Aerielle and I, that was a heck of a lot of things. Seeing as how we spent so much time together and became each other's best friend, when we wen't back to look at each of our years, they lined up pretty much exactly. 

Then we made a list.

A list of the top 25 things we did this year, in chronological order. 

Here it is!

1. A certain boy cheated on Aerielle.

2. Aerielle and Aaron met in Orchestra!

3. City Creek Center opened.

4. Aerielle and Aaron went to a Young the Giant Concert.

5. Aerielle and Aaron saw the Hunger Games at midnight.

6. Aerielle and Aaron ran a 5K in Centerville to raise money for trees.

7. Aaron came out of the closet!

8. Aerielle and Aaron went to Prom together.

9. Aerielle graduated. (Aaron remained in high school).

10. Aaron moved onto Aerielle's street.

11. Aerielle and Aaron spent every waking hour together for no apparent reason.

12. Aaron saw Mean Girls for the first time.

13. Aerielle and Aaron had summer adventures:

-Swimming in the Great Salt Lake at Antelope Island

-Going to the Clark Planetarium

-Hiking Adam's Canyon and seeing a waterfall

-Going to Lagoon (Twice!)

-Going shopping like nobody's business

-Swimming at Grandpa's

-Riding up to the highest neighborhood in Bountiful

-Having relationship drama

-Taking lots of walks

14. Aerielle went on vacation to Arizona.

15. Aaron went on a 3 week vacation to North Carolina.

16. Aaron went to California for his sister's wedding.

17. Aaron started his Senior year. 

18. Aerielle got a job at Khol's.

19. Aaron visited Aerielle everyday at lunch.

20. Aerielle chopped off her hair.

21. Aaron had a boyfriend.

22. Aerielle moved to an apartment in Sugar House and was adorable and awesome.

23. Aerielle and Aaron had winter adventures:

-Ridding the new FrontRunner South

-Went to a Catholic service at the Cathedral of the Madeline

-Aerielle almost died

-Went shopping like nobody's business

24. Aaron went to California for his brother's wedding.

25. Aerielle and Aaron spent New Years together

It is often emotional to write blog posts. This is my place to delve into my soul and bring out what I want to share to the world. Sometimes it takes a little longer to share certain things, but in the end I have no regrets for sharing what I have on this blog for the past 3 and a half years. This blog post was a little closer to overwhelming than to emotional. But in a very good way.
The one thing I learned from 2012 more than any other is this:

And that is the simple and honest truth.

I love you guys, really so much. Thank you, each and everyone of you for being a part of my life.
Happy New Years!

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