16 March 2013

Spring Again!

In celebration of not only my first Saturday off in months but also the 60 degree weather, Aerielle and I went out to Antelope Island to enjoy the sun and the Great Salt Lake.

If you are not a Utahn, this might not seem very odd to you, but here in Utah the Great Salt Lake isn't exactly the most popular of destinations. Because the only things that can survive the saltiness of the water are brine shrimp and brine flies, the dead shrimp gather up at the shoreline and the brine flies..... flock there. So it isn't exactly the most ideal place. 

Luckily for us, it is early enough in the year where the flies aren't out yet and the weather was glorious! So there wasn't much of a bad smell and no flies! After parking, we walked down a short path to the shore line and then hopped from rock to rock until we reached this particular rock where we had our picnic. We named it Aeriellon Island, and it was fantastic.

In other news, the weather has been so favorable this week that we have gone on several short walks around Centerville to enjoy the spring tempratures,

This is a cute little bridge up closer to the base of the Wasatch, over looking a creek. Note the snow still lingering in the background despite the 60 degree temperatures. (Left over from January where this monster rolled through).

And just to make me hate myself even more than I already do, I've been carrying my University of Virginia booklet around with me every where I go for the past week. In other news, admission decisions are released April 1st. In other other news, I am about to spontaneously combust from apprehension.

Also, a shout out to James Miller on his birthday! Happy Birthday and may your 19th year be the best one yet!

Love you guys. Seriously, you are the best.

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