15 April 2013

Bright Lights Will Inspire You

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to fly out east with my dad to go visit the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY!
Main Hall
I should probably say first that I haven't officially accepted yet. So while I may be talking in a tense that alludes to me deffinatively attending this school, it's not official. Things could change, however I don't really see that happening.
Part of Campus from a 6th Floor Window
The reason for my visiting of the school was for the accepted student's day, so that I could tour the school, talk with councelors and students, and meet some of the Proffesors who will be over me this fall. I also had the pleasure of touring the architecture school, which is housed in Higgin's Hall.
Higgin's Hall--The School of Architecture
It was FANTASTIC. I could totally imagine myself there, and I love everything that I got to hear, and I loved that alot of what was said was just above my level of grasping, so while I knew of what they were talking about I simply couldn't yet grasp what it must mean in context.
The Ward Building
Another one of things that I got to do while in Brooklyn was visit my new YSA Branch President and visit the ward building that it is in. I also got to meet another LDS architecture major at Pratt who coincidentally served in the same mission as my brother in law Garret. It was my first time inside a city ward building, and it was two stories with the chapel and classrooms on the first floor and the cultral hall, relief society and other classrooms on the second floor.

Me under the Brooklyn Bridge

This was a really unique experience for me. Mentally and for a short while physically, I was in New York City working towards becoming an architect. Frankly, I've been mentally in New York since I was accepted a month ago. Yet I'm presently writting this blog post from my Computer Tech class at my high school in Utah. Going to Brooklyn for such a short period of time was an odd expereince to say the least.
 But it certainly made me happy.
I am really hoping for the best. When financing and what not can be figured out, I will say yes in a heart be. So stay tuned.
I really love each and everyone of you. Thank you for being fantastic.

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