17 April 2013

Every inch revealed, As my heart is pierced. Oh, my soul is now exposed!

(If you would like a song to listen to as you read this post, I would highly recommend Fort Atlantic - Let Your Heart Hold Fast)

What is the purpose of life?

My religious beliefs dictate that mortal life is the time to prepare to meet God. Furthermore, it is the time to learn to become like God. My religion has a scripture that says "Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection." (D&C 130:18). For my many non religious, agnostic and atheist friends the purpose is life is not necessarily laid out in so many words, rather life is a time for you to help others, lifting burdens and being good people with your fellow humans.

Whether you live your life in such a manner for good or for God, I sincerely have equal respect and admiration for you.

Although, for just a moment I might ask you to take a step into my perspective from the viewpoint that the purpose of life is an opportunity for us to become more like God. In simplistic terms I think that would mean learning to serve others, learning to love others and learning to become a person who creates for the betterment of others. And while this might not sound simplistic, imagine how that purpose must look against the backdrop of a thousand human interactions that occur in our life everyday. If we came to earth at the time and place that we did with our fellow men, there must be thousand, or millions of micro opportunities for us to better ourselves, and opportunities to become more like God.

As of recent, I've found myself wondering if one of the purposes of life is to make as many Human Connections as possible. Meeting, learning about and experiencing life as through someone else's eyes. I think that might be one reason I want to move to New York City so bad. I want to be immersed in society. I want to be immersed in a very human experience.

When I look back at the almost 18 years I've been on this earth so far, I'd like to say that I'm on the path to making these human connections. I haven't had a ton of relationships, but each of them have told me what I want in a future spouse and have taught me more about myself. Having lived in two different parts of the country, I've learn what perspective is for people raised in notably different landscapes. And I've made marvelous friends along the way.

I think it is inevitable if I am talking about friends to mention Miss Aerielle Barlow. As a friend and confidant, she has made more of a human impact in my life than almost anyone shy of my parents. This isn't the first time I've expressed my gratitude of her on my blog and it certainly won't be the last. Simply put, she is my best friend. By far. I think everyone needs a best friend in life. Its that kind of human connection that is more precious than all others.

In the oceans deep;

In the canyons steep,

Walls of granite here I stand.
All my desperate calls
Echo off the walls
Back and forth; then back again.
To believe I walk alone
Is a lie that I've been told.

So let your heart hold fast
For this soon shall pass,
Like the high tide takes the sand.

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