26 July 2013

A Few Perks of Living in Utah

1. Being able to watch all 52 firework shows in the Salt Lake Valley at once from the steps of the Capitol Building on Pioneer day.

2. Incredible sweeping panoramas of the valley at night. 

3. Trains that take you and your bike 100 miles to visit your friends at BYU in Provo.

4. An H&M store right next to Temple Square.

5. A small plethora of public transit in the city.

6. The Wasatch Mountains.

(And the fact that the building on the left is where I'll be living in 28 days.)

7. A really beautiful downtown streetscape at night.

Utah is a cool place. Well, at least Salt Lake City is. The rest is alright, I guess. Suburbia doesn't exactly float my boat. So here is a picture of Aerielle and me drinking a Cheerwine in the city looking awesome. Because selfies make the world go round.

Also: Utah has a handful of stores that are just play on LDS phrases. Us Mormons have a song called, "Called to Serve" about missionary work and spreading the gospel. So naturally, someone came up with the name of the store below. 

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