24 July 2013

Outdoor Exploration at Western Crossroads

Without any regard to the title of this post, one of my more recent possessions in the past week is this lovely keyboard piano from my darling parents! I asked for this for a graduation present, since in college I won't have immediate access to a piano, and this has a lovely pair of headphones that comes with it. Needless to say, I've been playing my soul out on it at 1:00 am and letting my parents rest in pleasant slumber.

The next few photos really just capture the various activities that I've been doing for the past little while. Since I have been somewhat slacking in post regularity, I've split the last two weeks into two post for you to see what I've been doing.

A while ago, my dear mother and I took a short trip up to one of my favorite waterfalls here in Centerville!

She is basically the cutest and prettiest thing ever.

Then my dear friend Kennedy and I took a nice trip up to the Bountiful Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead, and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the Japanese Maples looked against the House of the Lord.

Also not too long ago, Aerielle and I went down to Salt Lake City to explore the International Peace Gardens along the Jordan River. She looks darling, as is always typical from such a lovely girl.

While there, we passed this stunning young lady in her QuinceaƱera dress taking photos in the garden. It was rather fantastic.

This was also my first time seeing the Jordan River up close! For reference to my non Utahns, the Jordan River basin drains about half of the Wasatch Front, which is where more than half of Utah's 2 million population lives. Honestly, it was kind of tiny and gross. It was a fourth the size of the Yadkin river, and probably would have been considered a large creek or stream back east.

But the gardens really were beautiful! They've been around for decades, but were especially worked on during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. They have small areas for most major and some minor countries and over all it is very well kept. Although, it was almost 105 degrees while we were there, and that alone made the trip a bit more unbearable than we would have liked.

Ta ta for now and I love you all!

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