25 August 2013

I want to live a life from a new perspective

Today's title comes from "New Perspective by Panic! at the disco. Which I just happened to see be preformed live last night. 

But I will tell you about that in just a second here. So much has happened in such a short period of time and I feel the need to tell you so much about it! 

In a small piece of news, I recently went to a Mormons Building Bridges meeting at the Salt Lake City Library, and it was really fantastic. It is nice to occasionally be reminded  that I'm not entirely crazy for being an active member of the LDS church and being openly gay. Also, it was so incredibly beautiful that night, and the library just look fantastic. There was also a small concert going on at the amphitheater that was pretty good.

But holy moley.... here is the big kicker. 

I've moved out! This was the last picture I took of my near empty room. I think all that I left in there was my bookshelf, my desk and my bed. Almost everything else I brought with me to college. This is rather a pinnacle of sorts. Or maybe more of a passage.  Probably the latter. Anyway, I packed up all of my stuff and my family and I drove down to Salt Lake City, up to the University of Utah and helped move me into my dorm. 

And here it is! I am all set up, and classes start tomorrow. I really enjoy my new room and it seems pretty natural to refer to it as my home. Although I am stumbling a bit as how to refer to my old house in Centerville. But I'm already having lots of fun meeting new people and old friends, and going out and about in Salt Lake.

This right here is the Legacy Bridge which connects upper campus to lower campus. My poor phone's camera cannot even do the view justice. The entire valley just glitters in the summer heat, and it is such an amazing sight. And pardon my finger which was attempting to block a bright street light that was ruining the picture. I am so excited to be here on campus. I'm sure I come off as a bit of a stereotypical excited freshman, but heck, I suppose it is the only time I'll really get to do this.

So onto even more exciting events! Yesterday I went to downtown with my friend Chloe to (pardon the crude name) The Big Ass Show. It was so incredibly fantastic, more than I possibly can say. The BASh works by having 11 different bands play over a 7 hour period on two different stages. A new show started every 35 minutes, and they alternated between stages. The bands got better and better with names like Capital Cities, Blue October and finally Panic! At The Disco. 

This was Capitol Cities. The amazing thing about this part of the show was that right before their song "Safe and Sound" it started raining. It was incredible. It was seriously one of the best feelings ever just dancing to this song in the pouring rain with thousands of other people in the middle of the city.

Of course making friends with random people in the crowd was a must when waiting an hour for Panic! At the Disco to come on. It was so packed and so incredibly fun. There was a fair amount of moshing and crowd surfing, and it was awesome. 

Finally, Panic! came on.

They were incredible, and the energy was phenomenal and all things awesome and great. I had such a fantastic time.

I'm not sure when the next time I'll post will be. If my habits during my freshman year of college are anything like mine during senior year of high school, I have a feeling that I'll find myself more busy that not and the frequency of my blog posts will decrease. Hopefully I'll have more time like I do now on Sunday mornings before church to blog and what not. 

Anyway, I love you all so very much, and I hope you all have great adventures in life!

A. Browne Sebright

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