12 August 2013

The Same View Over Again

I feel like I have spent much of my summer blog posts concerning my love of the beautiful state of Utah. 

But gosh dang it, I really think Utah is stunningly beautiful! Anyway, last week Aerielle and I decided to hike up Bell Canyon, because neither of us had been there before and google said good things about it.

This was the view after the first 1/2 mile in. BEAUTIFUL.
The weather was absolutely perfect that day. The views were immaculate. The sky was clear and everything was perfect in the world.

The views just kept getting better and better. At this point I felt like I should be singing, "The hills are aliiiiiveeeee with the sound of muuusiiiccccc." Overall, the trail wasn't too bad. There were several steeper rocky sections, but they were towards the very beginning and very end.

Being a canyon, naturally a creek ran through it. The water was crystal clear and freezing cold. It was seriously so beautiful. If it hadn't cooled down to the mid to upper 80's, I would have maybe jumped in that pool.

This was the view of the mountains you could pretty much see the entire way up. Beautiful.

Getting closer to the top, we passed a large boulder that you could stand on. When I climbed it and look at the view you see above, I said to Aerielle, "WOW! This is so beautiful!" She responded, "What is it?" And I answered, "Oh, I mean it is the same view of the valley that you see from every canyon, but it is still amazing."

This is me on said boulder. 

Aerielle, looking fantastic and adorable as always. In her not so appropriate hiking attire.

Aerielle started to feel a little sick and we were thinking about turning around, but I pressed her just to go a little farther. And boy was that little extra worth it.

The waterfalls were stunning. Beautiful and impressive and all things awesome.

And so were the mountain views right next to it! I wish I could show you how this looked in person. I ended up taking a panorama on my phone including the water fall, cliff face and valley view, but it just doesn't have the same feel. You are just completely surrounded by beauty. 

Aerielle looking out of the valley.
It was a fantastic hike. Utah is gosh dang beautiful. If you don't live here, I guess that is cool and everything, but these mountains just never cease to impress me.

I love you all very much!

A. Browne Sebright

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