01 September 2013

A few reasons I love attending the University of Utah...

1. Crossing the Legacy Bridge every morning and evening on my way to class and on my way home from work.

2. The vast array of bike trails across campus. Some of which that are curvy and steep and make you feel like you are riding a roller coaster on your way to French Class.

3. Movie nights on many an evening with everyone on the floor, watching movies like Easy A, The Great Gatsby and Mean Girls.

4. Living 3 minutes biking distance to a Trax Station that is free for you as a university student and takes you right into the city.

5. Indoor bike storage, and the fact that I can ride my bike to 80% of the places I need to go to, and I can ride the train to the remaining 20%.

6. Having my Intro to Architecture class in this beautiful building right here.

7. Living right in the city, where they have amazing $5 concerts to shows like Youth Lagoon, Ludacris, Grizzly Bears, MGMT and on this particular night, Empire of the Sun!

8. Riding my bike from the Trax station through downtown every day on my way to work.

9. Crimson Night. It is seriously just a giant campus party/dance in our version of a quad, outside the Union building.

10. Meeting so many incredible, new friends.

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