18 December 2013

"Come March"

"Come March"

-A. Browne Sebright
Its usually around 10:00 p.m.
when the cold of reality
begins to nip at your toes.
Typically it starts
the first or second week of December
as one by one 
unresolved memories ice over.
It might not be very comforting 
to say or to hear 
that the cold of reality sets 
at a brisk 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. 
At this temperature, a day too many 
can pass by without a phone call or message
--One extra bill comes in to break the 
bank-- And one broken car can bring 
you to tears.
Many find themselves faced with 
the cold reality at a bus stop. 
But a transfer later after one 
meaningless conversation too many, 
you find yourself just a few 
layers too thin. 
The cold is long and the pain is real.
I've only found a handful of things 
that temper and mitigate that 
kind of chill.
A dance. 
A song. 
A warm embrace.
Long showers and baths and phone calls 
from home. I hope of love.
Day after day you might 
find yourself trudging through 
thick unresolved memory. Many were 
cast aside from other people's front 
lawns and many more came from the 
shadow of a building that simply turned 
its back on the Sun.
Yet even in shadow can love be 
found and a smile made.
Come March and April 
the ice will melt away.
Friends will be had 
and tears dried.
But in the meantime, 
it never hurts to shovel your driveway 
and sort things out for yourself.
Even the cold of ice and snow 
can be beautiful too.


  1. Very sad, but beautifully written!

  2. Those pics are very inspiring proof-reading.services in the summer! You know, it is really hot over here, so I am waiting impatiently for the winter.