26 April 2014

It's About Time

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

It's been a good while since I've last posted. I'm sure you can imagine finals, and projects and papers and all that good stuff has managed to keep me busy. And actually, as I type this post, I'm sitting on the 4th floor of the Salt Lake City Library trying my very best to finish this essay. It's called, "Cultural and Religious Divides of the Built City." Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty sure it is going to be awesome when it is done. Basically I'm comparing and contrasting how LDS people and minorities in Salt Lake City have historically expressed themselves through art and architecture and how they are doing it today.

Library Selfie
I really really need to get this essay done today seeing as my professor has given us several extensions, and seeing as I have almost $16 worth of overdue fines on the books I'm using for research. 

Anyway, other than that, the semester is just about over! I have this paper plus one more final exam for my Environmental Science class and them I'm done. I'll have about two weeks of awesome freedom and then Summer term begins. Part of me is really excited for this-- I'm taking an Advance Architectural Design class that I didn't think I was going to have time to fit in my schedule, plus a one credit hour hiking class just for the heck of it. I should probably mention that the reason I'm taking this summer semester is that I'm planning on graduating a year early! Turns out between all my AP credits, and the fact that my major and my minor are in the same College of Arch + Planning, I can shave a full two semesters off my graduation plan. 

After I added up all the numbers on my own, I went to my college's academic advisor and she confirmed I wasn't crazy or on drugs and that I could definitely do it if I was willing to take a handful of classes over my two summer terms. And seeing as how I already work on campus in the building right next to the school of architecture, and as my apartment's contract is year round, it really just made sense. It really didn't hit me that I'm about half way done with my undergrad until my advisor told me it probably would be a good idea to start thinking about what I want to do for grad school. CRAZY.

My Current View
Other than that, life is swell! I'm sure you guys have seen all the crazy nonsense that I've been making for my Architectural Design class on Facebook and Instagram. That class has been more work and more rewarding than any other class I've taken thus far. I'm really glad that out of the 20 kids in that class, about 5 of them including myself are going to be in the summer Advance Studio. It is just amazing how I'm becoming aware how impossibly incredible the field of Design really is. Oh, and if I haven't mentioned this before, after my exam Tuesday, I'll officially be an Urban Ecology Major and a Multi-Disciplinary Design Minor. But in a less wordy, more straightforward way of saying things, I'm a Planning Major and a Design Minor. My plan as of now is to get my Masters in City an Metropolitan Planning with an emphasis in Urban Design. And I'm super stinking excited.

The best library ever.
It's a little unfortunate that that it has taken me this long to realize how much of a workaholic I am. I'm finding myself more and more happy spending hours in the Studio or Library. My social life has definitely shifted-- Most of the people I'm hanging out with tend to be workaholics too. And while change is always a little rough, I am really happy where this is going. 

(Also, there is totally a pretty lady in her wedding dress and a very dapper groom getting their pictures taken in the library and it is rather fantastic.)

An Image from 1893 I'm using in my paper.

I love you guys. You are all awesome. Keep doing beautiful things, and I'll update you on Browne's life in just a bit!

Best Regards,

A. Browne Sebright

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  1. Great post! I always wondered if I should have been an architect or engineer or some exciting field like the one you are pursuing instead of a boring number cruncher. Alas I am what I am at this point.

    It's great to read about someone so young and still enthusiastic about life's opportunities.