25 September 2014

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

This funny thing happened where I didn't write a blog post for two months.


Ignoring that, let me tell you about life!

Since my last blog post, I started and completed Summer Semester. I took a hiking class, an architecture studio class and a philosophy of bioethics class. They were all awesome and fantastic. I also started and completed an internship! I was a planning intern with the city of Taylorsville, a small suburb of Salt Lake City. 

I've gone to California twice since that last post. Once to go to LA Pride and then again to visit San Diego with friends. I went camping in Fishlake National Forest and in Capitol Reef National Park. Capitol Reef was magnificent and beautiful and fantastic. I actually went on that trip with a handsome lad named Dax, who I'm lucky to be able to call mine. I went swimming in the Great Salt Lake a dozen more times, I worked a lot. I had adventures.

My Home

Fast forward a bit:

I'm currently on my 4th semester of college, I'm a Junior and in my first year of the Urban Ecology program. I'm taking nothing but City and Metropolitan Planning classes this semester and I'm also the Peer Advisor for the freshman Urban Ecology Class. I'm working my little butt off, and visiting Logan every other weekend to see that handsome fellow I mentioned earlier. 

The S-Line Streetcar
Just a few nights ago I drove up to a parking garage built into the hillside just below campus to take some picture of the city at night. You all know that I'm in love with Salt Lake City. This city set in the mountains in the state of industry proves daily that passion is not yet wasted. It is a literal oasis in the great basin desert. It is white bliss in the winter and raw adventure in the summer. I love it.

Here is my tribute to the city, portrayed at night.

You are all fantastic. Have a happy day!

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