16 January 2015

Coherent Creation

Hey everybody!

I'm gearing up for an exciting semester here at the University of Utah. I'll be taking 17 credit hours with 5 classes, two sociology classes, two city and metropolitan planning classes and one design class. So far, I am extremely pleased with my professors, the syllabi and having lots of friends in each class. I'm also starting a few new projects that might be unique to this semester.

As part of my studies in my Green Communities class, an elective taught by Stephen Goldsmith, I'll be keeping an online blog for a series of responses, reflections and observations that he assigns weekly on the topics of city planning, urban ecology, architecture, design and sustainability. Since I've already dabbled in the world of blogging here on Page Turning, I decided to create a sister blog, called Coherent Creation

Over the next semester you can expect regular posts, insights and meanderings on various urban topics. I'm not sure how quality the content will be, but I think you might enjoy it none the less!

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  1. Sounds like a great semester ahead for you. Best of luck!