29 April 2015

Becoming Browne


I bet you thought I forgot about you.

Nah, I just had my typical cycle of complete lack of motivation and the absurd desire to be more of an introvert than usual.

I've done a lot of stuff since I last blogged. 


1. I went to San Francisco

And the only photo that I took and that I also did not manage to instagram was the interior of the Cathedral we attended mass in. Probably because it was blurry.

It was the typical road trip magic. Staying with some hip millennial in Reno. Crashing for two nights in cheap Japanese hostel. Exploring to my hearts content on a very long weekend and enjoying every second of it.

I just remember that I am totally not studying for my exam tomorrow.


2. I went to Portland

Bennion Center. Service trip. Urban Environmentalism.

It was a blast. My first time in the Pacific Northwest was incredible. Very little privacy in a giant dorm of a dozen people. So much Portland goodness. Also very instagramed. 

For more photos check out a post on my sister blog, Coherent Creation


3. I'm making it slowly through this semester.

In complete honesty, this semester has been a little bit of a drag. It was my first semester not taking a design studio. I feel somewhat caught in between pre-major and actual major moments. I'm taking very interesting classes, don't get me wrong, but with maybe one exception most of my classes are hovering in the theoretical. Not enough actual application, and ideas being left unchallenged. I would have liked some more dynamics in my education.

I'm hoping that in a few weeks I'll forget the dull parts and remember more of the awesome ones.


4. I'm dating this kid named Jake and we moved in together and our apartment looks into this lovely alley way.

Whaaaat. I know, so much brick. But I swear it gets this really lovely ambient lighting in the morning. And the apartment is full of plants and so for lack of a view we get lovely green space.

And this Jake kid is pretty great too. We are going on a road trip next week. That will be awesome. 

I really need a road trip. Or some level of dynamic to break from this three month long uphill drudge. Two more days and my exams will be done. And then a final paper. And then everything will be done. Finally.


It was almost exactly two years ago that I decided to start going by my middle name, Browne. 

In my procrastination, I decided to do a little thought experiment to see what it felt like to experience that again. It was awkward. It was frustrating. But for some reason I really wanted to do it. And honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I did. Something about it suiting me better or being on a bucket list or something of that nature.

I definitely do not regret it at all. I think Browne suits me much better. And frankly, I really like my name. It is old, it is different and it is very much me. But I really like being Aaron too. I love that I go by both. It is the very very subtle adventure I get every few weeks introducing myself. The papers says Aaron but it is actually Browne. Crazy.

You guys are great. I hope to see you more often. 

Have happy dreams.

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