27 May 2016

Making of a Wedding

The last few days of wedding planning were absolutely insane. Well, really the last two weeks were just crazy. Jake and I had our two week break between Spring and Summer semesters so a lot of our planning got restricted to that time period to make sure all loose ends were tied up.

Now that the wedding is over, I can finally take a break and look back on it all. Our photographer is still working on the bulk of the photos take that day, but he did get a few back to us for personal use. While I might wait a week to look over those photos and all the beautiful memories of that day, I can look over the two weeks preceding it. Frankly it was all such a whirlwind that I didn't take many photos of all the errands we ran or the places we went to. It is interesting what I did document with my camera and I thought I may as well share those with you here.

This was after I got back from Target. We bought all our frames there to match our existing frames in the house and did our prints there as well. I set them up on the dinning room table so Jake could see them when we got home. We eventually put these photos in front of our guest book at the wedding.
It was clearly adorable enough that I took a photo of it.
(Also, is it still called a dinning room table if our apartment doesn't have a dinning room??)

Cat on a chair. I was cleaning out something from under my desk so I move my chair to the most convenient place, which happened to be the couch. Being a cat, she had to sit on it.

I ran a super secret mission for Jake just a week before the wedding. Part of it had me traveling to the Great Salt Lake. Since I didn't tell Jake about it at the time I took a photo because it was so gosh darn gorgeous and I really wanted to remember it.

My cat looks thinks she is a human. She isn't even that far off. Again, super adorable and photo worthy.

Another cat photo. I mean, just look at her! SO CUTE. TAKING A LITTLE CAT NAP.

There are more cat photos in here than I thought. Our apartment was so full of boxes for the wedding (which normally thrill Joy), but clearly she was running out of box enthusiasm. She looks so melancholy at the prospect of having to play with another box. 

Jake and I printed all of our own wedding materials. All of the save the dates, invitations, website and programs we put together on indesign and printed at his dad's newspaper and the copy shop next door. We had just printed the programs for the wedding and they were so good that I had to take a photo.

If you haven't heard, getting our wedding suits was a disaster. After looking months in advance at dozens of suit stores, we realized that we didn't need to buy expensive suits because we really didn't think that we would have enough of a reason to wear them again. Instead, we decided to use this website founded by one of the ousted heads of Men's Wearhouse that seemed pretty cool. We knew there was some inherent risk in using that kind of a site, but we figured the cost savings would be worth it. 

We were wrong. They showed up and they looked absolutely terrible. Just baggy and cheap and awful. In a panic driven moment we ran (almost literally) to our local H&M to get some shirts to go with our existing pants. We found these perfectly fitting white button-ups and bide undershirts for like $20 and figured we would match them with our existing dress pants at home. But our local H&M only had one shirt left in our size and being Utah, the mall was closed the following day (Sunday). We woke up first thing the next morning to drive down to the next closest H&M and got our second white shirt. The photo above is me trying on what would be my wedding shirt just days before the wedding. I was taking photos to try and decide which undershirt looked best with the button-up.

Our wedding threw up all over our living room. We ended up recycling most of my sister Megan's decorations from her wedding and putting our colors on them. We had a finite amount of storage in our 400 sq/ft apartment so they ended up on the coffee table. Note the small mountain of boxes in the background of other wedding supplies.

Despite knowing how much stuff we needed to get done in those two weeks, we kept ourselves even busier with a bunch of other events.  Two days before our wedding we both went to a protest on Capitol Hill to advocate preserving Native American sacred lands. We did so much walking that day.

The week before, I attended a two day conference on the Great Salt Lake up at the University of Utah. It was AWESOME. 

Finally, a photo I took of Main Street and First South in downtown. I was hanging out at the Starbucks on that corner for some reason and looking out the window I was struck with the cascading love I feel for the city I live in. In this photo is our newest skyscraper 111 South Main and the new Preforming Arts Center that is also pretty incredible. 

I am honestly amazed that Jake and I survived the whole wedding planning process. It was all absurdly crazy and I am so glad that it is over. I'm also very very glad to be married to my husband and to know that our special day went so well. As an out going treat for y'all, here is one of the photos from our wedding day. I'll be posting a full album in not too long, so hopefully this will keep you satisfied until then.

With all my love,